How to Sell the Artworks for Interior Designers

If you are in the business of art, meaning you set about to make money by creating art and selling it, then you should investigate selling art to interior designers.

Many designers have a pre-conceived idea of what they want the art to look like for their projects. It might require an artist to be willing to change colors, sizes the substrate or process and in many cases, even the cost. If they want the designer to consider working with them on an ongoing basis, all of these issues are up for discussion. There may be a specific industry that the artist focuses their workaround which would be important for the interior designer to understand. For example, if an artist focuses on nature photography, they may find that healthcare facilities would be a good fit due to the calming and healing benefits of their work.

So how do you break into this market, sell your art to interior designers, and increase exposure? Get started with our six steps to add interior designers to your art buyer repertoire, and add to your overall art business income. No curriculum vitae or resume wanted. With designer, it’s all about the work. If it is the right size, palette, situation matter, and price, you have a sale based on these factors, now not your artist’s statement, or C.V. Designers are buying inside a budget. your art is simply one of the dozens or even thousands of format aspect that need to be matched and equipped collectively to create a harmonious common graph scheme. As such, if what you furnish fill their needs, they do not get worried about who made the art. They know excellent art when they see it and purchase regardless of your training education, or experience.


Make certain your work is fit.
Research indoors designers and their fashion before achieving out. You favor making certain you locate a clothier whose work is in sync with your own. Looking at their websites to see if the center of attention on cutting-edge minimalism, a monochromatic look, basis elegance, or bold colors. And be certain to hone in especially on the art they pick to show off in their portfolios.

Do they solely use photographs of sweeping landscapes or bold abstract paintings? You want to make positive your art will complement their designs.


Payment is carried our immediately.
Image via Credit: Mitchell Holland

This is awesome. the typical rule of thumb is you sell the work and acquire the price at the equal time. Two it is feasible you will have to wait a quick period for payment, however, you can commonly be on your way to the financial institution after, aking the sale. This helps improve your money float and your morale.


Reach out to interior designers.
Image via Credit: Alessandra Caretto

Interior designers’ work is very an awful lot intertwined with that of great artists’. Many can’t complete their initiative barring the perfect artwork, so don’t be afraid to attain out. If you’ve completed your homework, your art would possibly be just what they’re looking for.
Once you’ve honed in on which designers you desire to work with, ship them a few digital portfolio pages and direct them to your website. You can additionally provide them with a name and ask if they’re in need of some artwork. You can offer to quit their office and show them the artwork you suppose they’d like.


Most Indoors Designers repeat buyers
Image via Credit: Maria Orlova

Once you establish a relationship with a busy format professional, you can count on to make income to them repeatedly. This is in particular genuine if they come to have confidence that you are a reliable supply of artwork for them. The most successful designers are busy people. If they know you can deliver art they need at the cost that in shape their budget, you can grow to be their “go to” source when new jobs are initiated.


quick income and its stress free
Image via Credit: Alfons Morales

It is a distinct sport promoting artwork to indoors designers. To commence with, you will find once you have a relationship with a layout professional that sales made to them are normally finished rapidly and easily. you are going to exhibit the art in your stock that matches their typical layout needs. They will reply with a sure or no on the spot. Sure, there may additionally be some conditions the place they want the work on spec or need to show it to a partner, or a client, however most the time, they will decide quick. You are in and out of the promoting procedure in a quick time.