How it works

Our first objective? Make the platform as enjoyable as possible so that art lovers return every day admire the artworks.

Ok but how does the site work?

  • Creating an account is free of charge for the artist, the art lover and the art gallery. It allows you to post 2 artworks, create events, like artworks, follow your favorite artists, comment an artwork, contact artists and galleries and much more.
  • The artist who wishes to add more artworks can subscribe to Artblr Premium Unlimited for only 19.99 USD per year. It allows to post an unlimited number of artworks and gives the possibility to appear in the Trending section.
  • No commission is taken from the sales. You deal directly with the buyer.
  • For the Galeries it is free to post 2 artworks and 39.99 USD for the unlimited package.
  • For the Private Sellers it costs 9.99 USD to post one artwork, 29.99 USD to post 10 artworks and 39.99 for the unlimited package.
  • Why is it so inexpensive to be on Artblr? Simply because we want to become the largest art platform in the world. It is more beneficial for the artistic community to collectively pay small amounts than being only a few giving away large commissions.
  • Trending Artworks (30 days): The ranking is based on the number of views over the last 30 days.