Cathy Savels

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Bergerac, France
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Cathy Savels
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My works combine the traditional medium of painting with the use of other materials such as string, paper and cloth to create beautiful textured works which are both striking and accessible for the viewer. The nature of the works invite viewers to touch and become involved on many sensory level. The tactile and aesthetic qualities have proved a great success and I exhibit widely across France as well as fulfilling a number of commissions for private buyers on a regular basis. My art is influenced by my childhood in my father's cabinet makers workshop and by watching my mother's work as a seamstress. Here I absorbed information about materials such as wood, fabrics, wool and paper, learning about their qualities, which has become a vital influence on my work today. My biggest inspiration is nature and organic structures. The textures, patterns and details created by nature are a driving force for my creativity, I am fascinated by nature as art in absolute detail and strive to engage the viewer through the observation of nature's tiny details.