James P S Conway

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Santos, Brazil
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James P   S Conway
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Born in Santos, the passion for photography started early. Even unknowingly, when watching the movies of the afternoon session was giving a "start" the creation of his own look. His watchful, restless, almost hyperactive manner made his parents, to minimize, and direct their energy to other things give him their first camera, their life changed. Although several times in childhood he had flirted with his father's Olympus, from this day on he had conquered his own co-creation tool. He started to record everything and everyone took their first course with Claudio Feijó at Focus school. From then on his vision opened further and photography became ubiquitous in his life. He started collecting Photo - FR Magazine in 1978, which he keeps to this day. Had his first photo published in this magazine in the January 2018 issue. Graduated in Economics from Mackenzie, since 1986 has a career in the insurance market. Photography in all its aspects is the stress relief valve of his profession. He has been deepening his studies through workshops, portfolio readings and a lot of photography research. The freedom and originality of his photographs coupled with the continuing anxiety inherent in an Aquarian's soul delineates the “vibe” of his work. There are no strict rules for your images, hours navigating concretism, hours in abstractionism and various other strands of photography whether color or B&W. Your main goal is always to delight the viewer. One of his favorite phrases is: “A good photograph is one that touches the viewer's heart and transforms it after seeing it,” said Irving Penn.
Santos, Brazil
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