Andrew (Ana' Alu) Hollimon

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Palm Beach, United States
Categories Painting
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Andrew (Ana' Alu)  Hollimon
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Ana' Alu is a self-taught artist who recognizes "the gift" delivered to him at birth. Each art project is accomplished with focused attention to a personal belief the eye is a portal to the mind's sensory zones. As a portal to the human psyche, piquing interest initiates a process that facilitates human consumerism. Once the sensory zones are excited (color, message, theme), the existential reality of humanism leads to the purchase of art. My pieces draw attention while delivering a message. Realism and surrealism, when coupled with (color, message, and theme) have proven successful when accompanied with marketing. Certain of my work is now offered via custom made apparel via VIDA VOICES:
Palm Beach, United States
2100 USD
36" X 36"
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