Elena Tinga

Athens, Greece
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Elena Tinga
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A word by the artist
Art brings to the surface images and attitudes that lie dormant in the human soul –ideas and memories of worlds beyond the material. The charting of beauty or of reality is a way of expression, but beyond that, is the charting and the impression of a world hidden within us. Elena is an intuitive artist. She is interested in expressing a reality that exceeds the borders of the perceptible world. Much of her artwork moves in a dimension where space and time mingle and the visible intrudes into the invisible. In her outset, she worked with realism, using it as a way of learning and gaining confidence. She developed slowly through time, working and studying other artists and experimenting with various techniques. She took her first painting lessons in her teen years, as part of the school curriculum where she studied. In 1992, she studied painting through an American correspondence school, and in 2006, she took art lessons by attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Elena is part of an Artists’ Team and participates in Art Exhibitions in Athens and the Greek Isles.
Athens, Greece
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