buba glodjovic
Belgrade, Serbia

buba glodjovic
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At its aesthetic quest belong to every work of art. The idea association, abstraction, finally settling white linen, certain compositions and perfection of artistic work ... Finally, "All I wanted to ... I wanted!" This is my triumph, victory, satisfaction and happiness. Spirit of eternal seeking and searching, playing paintbrush, spatula, fingers, revealing the relationship of color and form ... line dashes and tackice.Odnos and solving large area, play of light and shade of color at first glance bezznacajnih shades. Complementary conflicts, harmony and harmony of contrasts, a quiet game and gradation. Budimka Buba Glodjovic painter, stage designer, arranger, designer. Painting is her primary zanimanjei great love. Participant at numerous art colonies. She had several solo and group exhibitions. He received plaques of Belgrade and several important awards in the field of arranging the interior, painting and applied umetnosti.Clan is more art associations. He lives and works in Belgrade.
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Belgrade, Serbia
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