Top brands of oil paints for artists

The art of painting requires clarity of mind, intricate skill, and genuine creativity. In addition to having all of these qualities, it is expected that an artist has top-quality materials for an impressive painting. Essentially, the process of painting involves the application of paint, pigment or color on a wall, canvass or any other suitable surface. The application of paint is often made possible with the use of a painting brush. While there are many types of paints, oil paint is particularly suitable for painting on a canvass. In addition to this, oil paints have the interesting feature of not drying too quickly. This is a good thing because it enables painters to make relevant changes to an artwork while painting. On the other hand, acrylic paints are known to dry much faster thus making it almost impossible to correct mistakes while painting. Acrylic paints do not give an artist any room for mistakes. One other reason for the suitability of oil paint is the fact that it offers a vivid and robust range of colors. An artist can rely on the versatility of oil paint when painting.

Owing to the nature of oil paint, it is well-suited to the needs of inexperienced artists who are inclined to make mistakes. More so, oil paint is equally beneficial to professional painters because it encourages dynamic paintings with an effective representation of ideas and a powerful expression of creativity. Now that we have established that oil paint is the preferred option for painters, it is also imperative to point out that there are an extensive variety of oil paints on the market. Just like every other product category, there are top-quality oil paints and substandard oil paints. Identifying an impressive oil paint brand can be a daunting task. However, this article is carefully formulated to provide adequate insight into the best quality artist’s oil paints on the shelf. If you are looking to be the next Michael Angelo or Pablo Picasso, you should consider the following oil paint brands the next time you embark on a painting project.
While all of these oil paints are top-quality, they fall into the categories of pro users, midrange users, and student users. These oil paints for canvas are the leading brands on all of the aforementioned categories.

Top quality Oil paints

1. Blockx

Blockx oil paints.
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Blockx oil paint was first introduced in 1865 and has since maintained a relatively high level of consistency when keeping to the tradition of producing top-notch paints. If you are looking for a super creamy and intense paint, then Blockx is most likely your best option. This paint is formulated in a way that produces pure, bright and vivid colors. This paint enjoys the status of being one of the most reliable paints for artists. This paints offers a great deal of consistency which is deeply appreciated by many users of the product. The ingredients in this paint are such that allows it to dry in a way that maintains the beauty of your work. There are many oil paint brands that are known to dry badly by producing wrinkles, but Blockx paint stands out from the clutter in this regard. Blockx paint offers incorporates one of a variety of organic oils such as Linseed oil and poppy seed oil which helps to maintain consistency in the drying process. This practice of blending just one organic oil into the paint is aimed at ensuring the finest texture possible.

2. Michael Harding

Michael Hardings oil paints.
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Inspired by the masterpieces of Rembrandt who was one of the celebrated artists of the Renaissance, Michael Harding became obsessed with finding a blend of paint that supports the creating of such masterworks. Michael Harding oil paint is such that combines the intricate techniques of ancient paint makers with contemporary ingredients for a paint that is vibrant and long-lasting. This painting comes at an affordable price and does not contain any driers. This paint does not flake and will remain in pristine condition after the artwork has been created. This paint is made in the UK by Michael Harding and offers a spectacular painting experience to artists. While the paint has a very high pass mark, there have been complaining about its tube from customers.

3. M.Graham

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If you desire a paint with low toxicity and heightened efficacy then M.Graham is a fantastic option. M.Graham oil paint is uniquely created with walnut oil which is one of its perks. This choice of oil is known to be preferred by Leonardo Da Vinci. M.Graham relies exclusively on walnut oil which makes the product odorless. It delivers paint consistency and is often regarded as one of the best oil paints when trying to avoid health complications. While the paint is fantastic in a lot of areas, its downsides stem from the fact that it dries at a slow rate.

4. Old Holland

Old holland
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Just as the name goes, Old Holland oil paint is quite old and dates back to the 16th century. Interestingly, this paint has a reputation for premium quality. Old Holland is a paint that is widely used and widely recognized as a paint for seasoned artists. This paint is quite expensive and offers a thick texture. One impressive feature of this paint is that it is known to form a smooth mixture which is required for an impressive artwork. Since its inception in 1664, this paint has maintained its texture and quality. From its commendable color saturation to its smooth mixture, this oil paint brand is definitely worth its price. Old Holland Oil paint effectively combines innovations with tradition in the creation of pigments that mix extraordinarily well. Old Holland paint delivers strength and intensity. When it comes to the overall rating of this paint, its only prominent downside is that fact that it is quite costly. It comes highly recommended that this paint is used exclusively by professional artists with many years of experience or astounding skill. Artists that fall in the beginners and intermediate category should consider getting other brands of oil paint. Ultimately, Old Holland is a premium quality brand.

5. Schmincke Mussini

Schmincke Mussini
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While it is quite rare to find non-toxic oil paints for artists that is effective and reliable, Schmincke Mussini is one of the few exceptions. This Italian made paint is one of the best paints for experts on the shelf. The powerful ingredients that are contained in this fantastic oil paint tube were founded through the collaborative efforts of Josef Horadam and Hermann Schmincke. However, the product is named after Professor Cesare Mussini of the Academy in Florence. This paint was formulated with old masters formula for exceptional results. This oil paint company delivers an extensive range of colors which includes 101 colors with an additional seven gold varieties for optimum brilliance. Schmincke Mussini offers a robust range of color which empowers artist with an unlimited range of options for an adequate presentation of creativity. In addition to a versatile range of pigments, artists are gifted with 42 superb translucent colors for maximum expression of creativity. One critical aspect of a top-quality paint is its drying process. In this regard, Schmincke Mussini is quite exceptional, offering a balanced drying process for commendable outcomes. The special formulation eliminates cracks and inconsistencies in the drying process thus enhancing the artist’s creation tremendously. This paint intricately incorporates resin oils for tension free drying process that leave an artist’s painting looking spectacular.

6. Vasari

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Vasari oil paint is one of the few celebrated paint brands that are handmade. The fact that Vasari is handmade reveals that each bottle of pigment is meticulously crafted to perfection. This product blend is a gemlike paint that leaves the impression of being luminous. Vasari paint is widely recognized and delivers an impeccable buttery consistency that every customer raves about. This paint offers a natural drying process and the purest ingredients for superb results. Vasari offers colors with an irresistible glow which is great for artists and admired by art lovers. Vasari does not have any fillers, wax or any widely sold thickening agents. It is carefully formulated to exclude any additives. This paint is known to feel good on the painters brush while eliminating the challenge of the sticky brush feel. This product offers the best alkali refined Linseed Oil. After a careful consideration of the unique and exclusive way in which this product is created, it becomes clear that Vasari is would only be available in limited quantities. However, one of the downsides of Vasari oil paint is that it is not widely available. Vasari is carefully crafted from the finest ingredients to give premium results to artists. This artist oil paint set is not recommended for beginners or midrange artists.

7. Williamsburg

Williamsburg oil paints.
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Williamsburg is a high-quality paint that attracts a robust price tag. This brand of oil paint is deemed to be of excellent quality. With one of the best lightfastness for the longevity of a painting, Williamsburg is equally known to deliver a brilliantly light shade to painters. This paint accommodates a wide range of painting sets that are tailored to meet the individual requirements of artists. Williamsburg offers Modern Colors Set, Signature Colors Set, Traditional Colors Set, Landscape Set, and Special Edition Colors. The extensive variety of color set empowers artists to execute their work with. This paint is not excessively oily and delivers excellent luminosity. In addition to all of these perks, this brand of oil paint is not delivers some colors that are rarely seen in other brands. The downsides to this oil paint are that it comes at a very high price and there are instances where painters experience a bit of stiffness.

Mid Range

8. Gamblin

Gamblin oil paints.
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Gamblin oil painting offers an incredible mix and a fantastic packaging to its customers. However, it offers a limited range of colors which could be restrictive to the expression of artists’ creativity. One other major downside of the Gamblin Oil colors are reports that the actual oil paint that is contained inside is quite different from the actual brand packaging. However, this is a common problem with most oil paint in this category.

9. Sennelier

Sennelier oil paints.
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Named after Gustave Sennelier who happens the founder of the paint and a seasoned chemist, Sennelier oil paint offers a superb texture and a variety of distinctive colors that artists will find fascinating. Sennelier makes use of safflower oil which is particularly relevant in inhibiting the yellowing of a painting after completion. Sennelier cannot be considered the best choice for a pro painter, it remains a top brand that gets the job done. The product has been said to dry to fast which is disadvantageous. Regardless of the shortcomings of this paint, it is quite popular amongst many popular artists.

10. Talens Rembrandt

Talens Rembrandt oil paints.
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Celebrated as a paint for the aspiring professional painter, Rembrandt is an oil paint that is readily available for use. While it is expected that you mix most of the other paint, considering that they are water soluble oil paints, Rembrandt comes in a form that can be used the way it is defending in your preference. While it comes at a price that could be considered expensive by most artist, this product provides an impressive mix and comes and distinctive colors. Like many other oil paints in this category, Rembrandt is considered as too oily by most artist.

11. Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton oil paints.
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This oil paint brand offers a range of oil paint for the artist to choose from. Given that this brand offers a range of oil paint variety for artists to choose from, it is indeed one of the product’s many perks. Winsor and Newton are well-suited for artists that fall in the middle ground between being a pro and a beginner. This oil paint is known to mix properly which is an important criterion for every artist. The oil paint is quite affordable which means that the product won’t pose a financial strain. Winsor and Newton's paint is particularly suited for an artist that will require significant amounts of paint. This oil paint has very few downsides with the tightness of the cap being one of such downsides.

Student Range

12. Daler Rowney

Daler Rowney oil paints.
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This product offers good value for your money and it is formulated for immediate use from tubes. This product is a good oil paints for beginners and students. However, the amount of pigment in the paint is unacceptably low which makes it unsuitable for professionals. Removing the caps of this paint also poses a major challenge. Other complications that are associated with the product includes. Asides from the fact that it offers large quantities of paint and a good price, Daler Rowney is designed for beginners.

13. Schmincke Akademie

Schmincke Akademie oil paints.
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This oil paint is created in Germany and also belongs in the student category. Schmincke Akademie offers brilliant colors that blend properly this paint has engendered a lot of laudable feedbacks from customers however the packaging of the product is quite unimpressive. The product makes use of the typical resin which is particularly relevant in facilitating a balanced and consistent drying process.

14. Van Gogh

Van Gogh oil paints.
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This water-based oil paints mixes beautifully well and flows well too. However, the flow of this paint could be challenging for artist that desire a firmer consistency. This paint is not ideal for professional painters.

15. Winton

Winton oil paints.
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Winton is amongst the few good cheap oil paints in the market that give a commendable level of quality while being affordable. This paint offers a fantastic mix and comes in it is suitable for students as well as teachers. Just like many other water-based oil paints, this paint offers a satisfactory level of consistency and a high quantity of paint for those that require it. The amount of pigment is equally satisfactory however it has its downsides too. From a cap that poses a challenge to remove and a paint that takes a long time to dry, Winton falls in the category of a student grade oil paint.

From oil paints that clean up with water to oil paints with high pigments, professional artists and beginners will find a variety of paint that is well-suited to their needs. The aforementioned list of paints accommodates the three broad categories of artists based on their level of expertise. From professionals to intermediate and beginners, every artist can find the best quality artists oil paints that is well-suited their level of expertise.